Seasoned Professionals of the International Yachting Industry

Founded on experience since 1982, Neptune Crew was created by yacht professionals who 'came ashore' with a desire to share our expertise and better serve our clients. Neptune Crew, a member of our family of companies and services, is a division of Neptune Group Yachting based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida -- widely recognized as the "Yachting Capital of the World." Our focus has been steadfast to 'Proudly Serve the Marine Industry'.

Having been crew, our objective has remained clear as stated in our MISSION STATEMENT... simply said, "...Our goal is to exceed your expectations". Instead of 'telling' you what we do, we prefer to 'show' you.


Not only is our wish to provide you with prompt service but also to match your crew request accurately.

As a full-service company, Neptune Crew draws from a multitude of other resources including our Crew Accommodations with a database of over 60,000 and growing. At any given time, we can house over 400 crew with which we engage often. We know their dreams, their habits and their aspirations. Formal interviews are routine.

Why choose Neptune? To facilitate other facets of yachting, we can provide exotic luxury yacht charter vacations, market your yacht for charter, provide crew, house your crew, assist with accounting by our land-based purser, manage your yacht including payroll or provide Wheels for Yachties. Among our many resources and professional agents, why go elsewhere?